Monday, January 31, 2011

Apply for PAN Card, the sooner the better.

Please visit the website for complete information :

1. Step One :
         Collect your Proof of Identity(POI) and Proof of Address (POA)

*Proof of Identity(POI)                                             *Proof of Address (POA)

1 School Leaving Certificate Electricity Bill*
2 Matriculation Certificate Telephone Bill*
3 Degree of recognised educational institution Employer Certificate*
4 Depository Account Statement Depository Account Statement*
5 Bank Account Statement / Passbook Bank Account Statement / Passbook*
6 Credit Card Credit Card Statement*
7 Water Bill Rent Receipt*
8 Ration Card Ration Card
9 Property Tax Assessment Order Property Tax Assessment Order
10 Passport Passport
11 Voter Identity Card Voter Identity Card
12 Driving License Driving License
13 Certificate of identity signed by Member of Parliament or Member of Legislative Assembly or Municipal Councillor or a Gazetted Officer is required to file the same in prescribed format only. Certificate of address signed by Member of Parliament or Member of Legislative Assembly or Municipal Councillor or a Gazetted Officer is required to file the same in prescribed format only.

 It is done free of cost.
check your document & read the instruction 

2. Step Two:
        Make a Bank Draft yourself an Amount of Rs.94.00 from any Bank of India in favour of NSDL-PAN and payable at Mumbai and at the same time you have to deposit some amount to the Agent.
Then send the Draft Number and our payment proof to the agent.They will apply for your PAN card  and within One working day, your PAN Acknowledgment receipt will send to your mail. The Acknowledgment will appear like this:

Then you just need to paste your photograph and signature on the Acknowledgment receipt and it is almost done.

3. Step Three : 
                     Make sure that your name on the Acknowledgment receipt and on the (POI) & (POA) is same , otherwise it will be rejected.
       Pin together the following  document :
                                                    1. Proof of Identity (POI)
                                                    2. Proof of Address (POA)
                                                   3. Demand Draft of Rs. 94.00
                                                   4. Acknowledgment receipt (with photograph and duly signed by you)

Use a Envelope Just like below and put all the above mentioned document :

And the final step is 
Write the Address below and send it by speed post

Check the STATUS of PAN card with Acknowledgement number

You can use the below mentioned link to know the status of your PAN card. You would just need the "Acknowledgement number".

Please visit the website for complete information :

Ask for assistance how to fill up your PAN Application form

Need Assistance how to fillup your PAN application , We are here to help you.

How to find 'Assessing Officer code'?

Assessing Officer code may be obtained from Income Tax Office where you submit your return of income. Applicants who have never filed return of income may find out Assessing Officer code with the help of IT PAN Service Center or TIN Facilitation Center or jurisdictional Income Tax Office or from a PAN card Agency.

You can mail us at ............. with your proper document (Proof of Identity , Proof of Address ) and ask assistance for your PAN card application all about Assessing officer , Area code , AO type , Range code and AO number .

Where to apply for PAN?

In order to improve PAN related services, the Income Tax department has authorized UTI Investor Services Ltd (UTIISL) to set upand manage IT PAN Service Centers in all cities or towns where there is an Income Tax office and National Securities DepositoryLimited (NSDL) to dispense PAN services from TIN Facilitation Centers. For convenience of PAN applicants in big cities, UTIISL hasset up more than one IT PAN Service Center and likewise there are more than one TIN Facilitation Centers.

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